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There are times in peoples lives when Counselling may be helpful, including times of distress, of major change, of loss or times when self esteem and confidence are low. Counselling is a way of supporting people to deal with concerns and feelings and to adjust to life’s challenges in a safe and confidential setting.

Who Can Attend?

Our Counselling Service is accessible to anyone from age 12 upwards. This includes: couples, adults, and children between 12 and 18.

Serious Conversation


Mallow FRC: Monday – Friday


Fermoy: Monday & Tuesday

What Is The Service?

Le Chéile FRC Counselling Service provides up to 8 sessions in a non-judgmental atmosphere where you will be supported to recognise your own strengths and to build on them.

Attendance And Cancellations

As our service is in high demand, it is essential that you can commit to attending your pre-arranged appointments.  At your first session, your Counselor will outline our attendance and cancellation policy in detail and you will be given a copy for your own information.

Please note it is not suitable to bring children with you to counselling sessions if you are attending for an adult or couples session.

Enquire About Appointments

We accept referrals from GPs, Schools, Colleges and other Community Services and Organisations as well as directly from individuals.

Click the button below to enquire about our counselling services.

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