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Dyslexia Support

Le Chéile Family Resource Centre provides the I.D.L. programme for children who have spelling and reading challenges.  A computer based support programme for children who face challenges with their reading and spelling skills.

This is a structured, interactive system which covers the building blocks of learning English, using computers for a multi-sensory approach and a tutor to support the students to progress.  Learn with children who have similar learning experiences in a stress free environment.

IDL has many benefits:

– Improved reading and spelling
– Development of accurate keyboard skills
– Achievements are permanent
– Improved Handwriting
– Improved self-esteem and confidence

Reading in a Bookstore
Image by Surendran MP
“The other people I learned with made me feel good about myself”
“The work is fun and everybody is here because they need help like me”
“I can type faster than everyone in school now, which is cool because usually people are better than me at things in school”
“My spelling test on Fridays are improved and I don’t dread them anymore”
“I learned how to spell really long words”
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